Not only Google , Seznam also important in The Czech Republic - Digital Marketing in Europe

Search engine , when we hear that phrase we automatically imagine Google, but there is some other search engines too like bing , yahoo and much more.

When it comes to Czech Republic not only Google , Seznam also much important .

So just learn about it before allocation search budget for Czech Republic if you're doing international marketing.

1. Search engine market shares in the Czech RepublicBack in 2000 , Seznam was really the foremost widespread search engine within the Czech-Republic country when it was having around 51% of the search market shares. In the peak of the company they had 63% market share and ruled the internet market with their search engine, but now google leading as expected, Still Seznam have 13-15% market share, which you dont need to miss

2. Seznam vs. Google for Czech language searches

In our upcoming articles i will talk about SEO and european languges , so before that a qucik intro, European languages so complex including Czech, New czech language learners always encounter issues with pronunciation, vovels and many things , so Google also have the same issue.

Seznam understand Czech language much better than Google, so the people who prefers their language always prefer Seznam,

3. Advertising on Seznam

Just like google and bing Seznam also offer paid advertising , that is called Seznam sklik, (very hard to pronounce know ).

Compare to Google, Seznam offers us more placements and positions of the ads, per page you can get more ads.

So finally Seznam or Google.

Go for both, allocate 20% budget for Seznam and 80% for Google, because there is 11 million people in Czech and 88% of the population uses Internet 😍, why you want to miss them.......

Haarith Ahamed
Digital Marketer


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