BONNAROO festival and digital marketing - International marketing strategy for USA

As an Asian marketers , we have to know about events happens in other continents to do proper international marketing, if we got know the details of events by connecting that we can do multiple campaigns in social medias or in other digital platforms.

Bonnaroo event happens in a 700 acre farm located in Tennessee, United states. Its a 4 day long music festival covering multiple music performance including hip hop, pop, country music, folk, indian rock, americana, jazz and more.

every year 60,000 to 100,000 people attend this event and this starts on 2nd Thursday of June.

So what we can do to cover our audience, let's look at what other brands did

1-Red bull

Red bull was a sponsor for the event , wait you can it's traditional marketing, yup, but Red bull did a social media live streaming of event which targeted 5 million internet users.  When you connect traditional and digital , its will be huge.

So to attract more people for the event and live stream, they collaborated with Megan batoon

Megan streamed videos about event in her social media platforms,and attracted her 480k followers (now she she 699k followers)

Campaign was a real success

3- Natalie Suarez and Reef

Reef created a page called reef girls and partnered with natalie , Natalie continuously updated about event and reef to create a hype for reef's sponsorship .

And finally a campaign which drove sales from this event campaign

3- alex and ani

Alex and Ani, a jewelry maker located in Rhode island, got a best use of this event.  they made festival themed jewelries and promoted on social media Facebook, twitter and Instagram using few hashtags like #bonaroo and #15yearsofMagic and got the best attention for their festival friendly jewels,

While most brands saw this as a brand awareness opportunity , this brand drove sales also from this by making special category jewels.

also they did ticket giveaway contest also which brought more engagement for the brand.

they got around 75,000 likes for the contents in facebook and instagram.

Lesson- As a Asian marketers we can target this bonaroo festival to promote our products in USA, getting localized is much important in international digital marketing, then only people will connect to the brand. 


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