Coachella and brands - Digital marketing in USA

In previous article we checked bonnaroo music festival and how we can use that in digital marketing. now i found another festival that also help marketers to reach their audience.

We are going to checkout how other brands used this festival to drive engagement to their brand, if you're a non american marketer, take a note and use this festival to cover your audience.

by the way , what is coachella

Coachella is a music and art festival happens every year in Indio, California, in this event you can find many stages with different music activities like rock, hip hop, indie and E-dance music.
from the founding year 1999, this event always get a big crowd, specially youngsters. (if your target audience is below 40, this is more useful for you)
 in 1997 , attendance was 37,000 and in 2017 attendance was 250,000..... its a huge crowd and you don't want to miss them.

Lets get into Coachella digital marketing campaigns.

1- Marriot's photo booth
2-Sephora's makeup house
3- HP's virtual reality
4- Instagram campaigns of various brands

1- Marriot's photo booth -

Marriot, the most famous hotel brand, they created a photobooth with exotic location backgrounds. Audience can take photos from professional photographers and they need to post in Instagram with hashtag #MarriotxCoachella and whoever posted in Instagram can enter in Instagram contests.

Also to promote the event they collaborated with social media Influencers  like Emma roberts, vanessa hudgens and Bethany mota.

click this link for #marriottxcoachella posts

2-Sephora's makeup house

Sephora the key player in cosmetic industry set up makeup stations in their booth and they encouraged customers to publish pictures on social medias .

3- HP's virtual reality

HP the top player in tech industry brought some tech innovations to coachella event, they had a booth where you can experience VR experiences and they can take 3D photos, also audience can engage in contests and can get VIP tickets to events

A important note, 55% of the festival goers mentioned they like to buy products which they saw on digital ads before or after event.

Lets checkout what others posted in social medias.

4.Instagram campaign of brands

Below i have mentioned each brands and how they used Coachella for their promotions using insta


Here comes someone related us, Levi's mexico, Levi's spain, & Levi's italy and some other Levi's brands sent their Influencers to event and published best contents for their audience. 

Say you're a Sri lankan tea company, you want to attract European and American audience, you can send few Influencers to event and can attract your audience or you can ask influencers to post about event by relating to your tea brand.

Note one thing, Levi's Mexico and Levi's spain not posted same content, eventhough event is happening in US, they posted contents related to their audience in Spain and Mexico. 

Influencers who are collaborated - Andy Torres, Belen hostales and Veronica Ferraro.

Check hashtag #Liveinlevis


Not only Levi's, A Italian fashion brand who sells mostly in other European countries and USA also sent their Influencers to event. 

Again i am saying these events are not only for US audience you can attract European audience too

Motivi sent 5 European Influencers to festival and they posted travel fashion contents and then posted festival contents.

The brand used #MotiviamaCoachella

Urban Decay

Ok, you're thinking i am an Asian brand , how can go and participate in the event, that's expensive for me. Yes true,
You dont need to be in the event to cover your

Urban decay , the cosmetic brand come up with the idea of festival makeup tutorial campaign by partnering with an Influencer call Maryam Maquillage.

Maryam posted multiple contents on festival makeup tutorial and lot of women audience engaged with the contents. 


So we check 3 fashion brands, but not only fashion brands other brands also can do promotions.

BMW provided transportation to VIP audience and they documented all journeys and posted each in social medias.

Documents had a hashtag ot #RoadToCoachella

Finally i am saying you can be in any industry, like hospitality, Luxury business tea, travel, fashion, E-com, sports, exports but if you're selling in international marketing Coachella and Bonnaroo events can be a good way to gain more international followers


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