Digital insights of Austria - Digital Marketing in Europe

Austria, for most of the non-European business persons, Austria is not a attractive destination. Because the neighbor Germany is so big and very attractive, also some marketers use same marketing strategies of German

Austria is really small when compare to other countries in Europe , Austria have 8.9 million population.

The internet penetration is around 80 percent but still its lower than the 87 percent in Germany. Around 66%  Austrian Internet users mostly access internet do by their mobile phone, also this percentage will increase upto 80% very soon.

Austrians mostly check internet to do shopping and online banking and of course to spend time on social media,
But more this three , Austrians spends more time on reading news through online media websites.
(Key point - media sites are a better placement in banner ads)

When it comes to media, they visit sites like which is the news site of the Austrian TV channel, (for srilankan marketers - its like adaderana and hiru) but not limit to that, also they regularly visit to all the known newspapers if they own websites.

*Other most visited sites - in case if you want to advertise

The official language in Austria is German and the main difference comes  in the vocabulary

So you can see some words have different meanings , but still all Austrians can understand German,
Publishing the German market ad directly to Austria can be acceptable, but if you do some modifications as per Austrian German
It will be much better
One website for both countries or 2 separate websites?

it depends on the on  the industry, for fashion one website is enough for both German and Austria, but if it’s food then need separate websites

Cultural differences               

Austria is a landlocked country and it was always influenced by its around income countries so that means Austria is very European, in terms of culture Austrians are very similar to Germans, Vienna is the capital

Austrians very much into music in Opera into balls in theaters . Austrians like also to meet up in coffeehouses and discuss politics and life and therefore maybe spend also a little bit less time actually in front of the internet and also Austria is a very beautiful country,
Tourism is its most important market sector and its growing.


There are currently 4.85 million e-commerce users in Austria, with an additional 890,000 users to be shopping online by 2021

The biggest players are Amazon. at , ,, and then on a forth place again.

Austrians adopt cross boarder shopping cultures, the y are not scared to get goods from non-Austrian based companies

Also no language barrier in Austria, as Austrians are good in English. so websites can do promotions in English

Payment options

It's little bit different from other EU countries
you get your delivery and in the delivery you find an invoice and a payment date , you pay it within that time.
Second one is credit cards 3rd one is get your delivery and you pay the postman at the doorstep.
then the last option is installments .

Social media usage

3.4 million are using Facebook  , 60% who are using the Internet are socially active on the Internet 3 million are using YouTube and Twitter is used by 117 thousand for instance and in term of business networks LinkedIn is not number one, Xing is ranked 1 just  like in Germany but LinkedIn is growing very rapidly and will beat Xing soon.

Favorite Facebook pages are international brands like Red Bull, in terms of Twitter Austrians like to follow journalists to get like the fresh news.

Broad band prices in Austria are the cheapest within the EU

*Other social media usage in population



Taste in shopping             

Austrian's like crafted items there for instance give preference to wooden toys for children over plastic toys,
when they buy clothing the mix of materials has to be clearly in the descriptions they wouldn't by just thinking and looking.

Austrians also prefer to buy actually Austrian products when it comes to food, for example every supermarket even budget supermarket has its own organic range,

In upcoming articles will mention strategies to capture Austrian market by using digital marketing


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