ASMR and digital marketing - A new fortune for marketing collaborations [ Part - 01 ]

 A . S. M . R

Have you heard about that, if you are person having stress and seeking for relaxation probably you may heard that.
A.S.M.R stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response, ok that's little bit hard to understand.
in easy terms its an audio or video format which can provide you relaxation and sleepy feeling.

In YouTube there is over 1 million A.S.M.R videos are available now, some are sleep related, some are tingling feeling related, some are visual relaxation related ...... so there is so much of ASMR types.

as per google trends asmr is more searched term comparing with travel in YouTube

as per science blogs, the benefit of asmr video is 'brain orgasm;' , sounds interesting know. it's a pleasure for brain and our brain feel a happiest feeling while watching asmr videos.

probably now you may ready to search for it if you also struggling with insomnia

so what is the benefit for brands from asmr videos, 

in digital marketing , marketers collaborate with influencers from various domain like fashion, travel, Luxury , automobile, lifestyle , food , tech and entertainment, but asmr influencers also need to be added in list but our marketing world not using them currently { asmr influencers endorsing brands in their videos but not many }

my personal opinion is asmr is not just a video where influencer/youtuber endorse the brand , there is a special thing in that

as i said earlier people watch asmr for relaxing feeling, their brain is so calm while watching it, that's a great time to speak about brands ( not as a direct message, that will be a irritating thing ) .

how to make brand appear in asmr videos

just like other cant directly talk about brand, but by using the brand youtubers will do asmr videos.
say you have a cola brand, they can make sounds with cola bottle, if you have sunglass brand they might do eye check role play videos, if you have insurance brand, they will do insurance agent conversation asmr .

your brand only will register in your audience's mind as they are enjoying the peaceful moments.

so its a great opportunity for marketers to get into their audience's brain,

in part 2 & 3 we will look into this deeply with examples , so hopefully you can have a great asmr campaign soon


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