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This is a new series from Global in digital, every week there will a coverage about global influencers from digital media.

So why you should know about them to do international marketing, well many reasons are there.
say you are currently using influencers in your country to promote your brand, like let say you name is Mr . Z, So Z handling a cool drink brand in one Indian state like Mumbai, management makes a decision to expand the business to Tamilnadu and Kerala which are two South Indian states, when after than they want to launch it in Australia.

Mr Z currently work with influencers like Mithila parker, buzzfeed india channel and more , but will that influencer collabs works for him in Tamilnadu , well Not much. Because that's a place where people speak different language, follow different culture. so Mr Z have to hire influencers who are familiar for Tamilnadu and Kerala audience like tamil YouTubers, RJs, VJs and Malayalis for Kerala.

same thing applicable for Australia too, when Z takes his product to Australia, he needs to market with local celebrities .
So in this series we can discuss about influencers , from their strengths to weakness.

Hope you get more ROI in influencer marketing campaigns

  Irene Lara

Irene is fashion, beauty and travel Influencer from Spain but currently living in London. When i am writing this Irene have 842,000 followers in Instagram and have 1000s of unique visits for her blog studio4lara.

Irene is a single mother, business woman  , blogger , Instagram Influencer and YouTuber. She is constantly travelling in Europe and updating travel contents while focus on beauty and fashion too.
Some medias positioning Lara as a fashion Guru of Spain.

She developed her fashion wishes from childhood by looking at fashion magazines and tv shows, then very soon she got attracted by travel documentaries in local channels.. these things slowly made her as a fashion and travel content creator.
But this social media career not her first choice, she started a businesswoman who sells olive oil beauty products who she learnt from her old family business..

While doing business she used to follow her fashion and beauty idols on Instagram and one fine day she decided to create contents too... started with 1 follower and now have 842k followers

                                                          Partnering with Irene Lara

Irene is very selective when it comes to collaborations, she check your brand communication and if she is ok with that , she will go for it.

Mostly prefers brands related to travel , fashion, luxury, cosmetics , clothing retail and Hospitality
If you're one of them and if you want to cover audience in Europe, just go with her...

                                                               Instagram stats

Total uploads  -  1800

Followers -  847,000

average per post likes - 22,000

Engagement rate   - 2% 

average comments per post - 192


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