How can you reach England & Australian audience with Brooke Falvey - Global influencer of the week

This week this is going to be about Brooke Falvey who goes by the user name "what brooke wore" in Instagram and Blond ambition as in blog..

Before get into Influencer marketing let's check out few things about brooke falvey..
Brooke is a traveller, blogger, journalist, and Influencer originally from Australia..

She was a print journalist before visiting london and she couldn't get same job in london so she did some other work and when moved back to Australia she took job in PR and Marketing ( note - so she 
knows marketing too )

While doing her marketing job she started her blog, as she working only for 4 days in her full time job, so brooke have 3 days focus on other things like blogging and Influencer works

She claim all her 29k followers are organic and not from paid promotions, also her post engagements started go higher after she reached 10k followers some time back.

In her blog there is 2 special things other than fashion content..
One is dating stories, she writes about the dates she went and experience from that without exposing the person's identity...

Other one is five on Friday, this is where she show off other Influencers, she feature about other Influencers who are mostly her friends or Influencers with whom she worked..
Ok, let's jump to marketing part...

Brooke fakvery have 29.3k followers while i am writing this article and she have published 1805 posts , mostly about fashion...

She is most suitable for fashion and travel brands, (travel because she travel alot for blog works and fashion, so travel is a part she can cover )

As per Instagram analysis tools,

Her followers rate is continuously increasing and she have engagement rate between 2-5% currently....

She cab gets like 500-1000 likes on average still the Influence she makes on her following is so high, as most of the ladies love to become her friend and some became..


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