Things you must know before advertise in Poland - Content Marketing & Ecommerce in Poland

The Republic of Poland located in Central Europe one of the best countries to export your products.. if you are an international marketer and thinking about marketing to Poland it's a must read article for you to understand Poland market and issues in marketing communications.

Poland is not that much modern as other many European countries and that's where you need to focus on, Poland belongs to one of the most conservative countries in Europe. Even though most polish people dont visit church regularly they claim themselves as conservative Christians, atleast 80% of the Polish people do that.. 


Is above mentioned conservative thing going to affect my marketing communication?

Answer is Yes.. it will be a key factor in your communication.

The Christian things are very famous in Poland, Christian special days are famous and holidays for them, they don't shop at sunday and legal systems are so strict on pharma, alcahol and drugs... 

Polish people takes things very seriously if you talk something about religion, also even though they know well English , they avoid it and speak in Polish only and have a proud in their language...

In poland the local brand copywriters avoid English much as possible and they stick with local language, if someone is expert in local language literature , he/she may have huge demand for copywriting jobs..

So few tips for copy writing in Poland

*Dont try to connect with religious things  better avoid that, because incase if people offended it's an end for your brand.

*People are very proud with their mother language Polish, so keep your content in Polish rather than english or Spanish or any other language.

*Alcahol and casino related things have negative image in the society, so dont enter in Poland market if you own thay brands and dont partner with that type of brands ..

Staying away from that is so good for you.

So what you can do is you can hire a polish language expert to create content or you can get translation from experts or language tools.. so its the next point we going to see

How we can be effective on translation and things to consider in it.....

To be honest , Polish is not a easy language to learn, it's little harder for English speakers compare to Spanish or French and Polish is the second most hardest language to learn for English speakers. The language culture is different in Polish, it will be tricky and sentences are so long in Polish, so when it comes to Facebook's 20% text rule be aware about content size and sentences size in it.

The language will confuse you alot, for example in English or many other languages for a word their will be 2 forms, one is singular and other one is plural, but in Polish, the word will be changing depend on cases. (Dont get confused will discuss about that in upcoming articles )

Due to the European influence their is some english loan words, but again their is an issue, the words will be pronounced as english word sound but will have a different meaning

Data (in English - information )  - ( in Polish - date )
Agenda (In English - Schedule) - ( In Polish - department )
Extra ( In English - Additional ) - ( In Polish - Great )

We will cover more detail in future articles. now will move on to other topics


40% of Polish Internet users using online to purchase products, can be a cool news for global E-commerce giants but in reality it's really hard to make it a sale because of below reasons..

Trust Issue -
Poland internet audience don't much trust these platforms, they go with a long term player who is more trusted, specially local players with well known name... 

So if you want to launch Ecommerce in Poland, get their trust first..

Payment method issue -
Poland people little afraid about putting their credit, debit cards in internet, even in the Ecommerce buyers only 10-20% people buy with cards, others pay via 3rd party app, cash on delivery, bank transfers and more... so as a company you should have multiple payments methods to acquire your audience..


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